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TITLE: and he looked at me with desire (and i knew his name was love)

PAIRING: jacob/kevin (tbz)

WORD COUNT: 1k words

CHALLENGE: writing something with exactly 1000 words with no dialogue

INSPIRATION: oscar wilde and his stormy love affair with lorde alfred douglas

"and he looked on me with desire / and i know that his name was love" oscar wilde"you will always be fond of me. i represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit" oscar wilde"the curves of your lips rewrite history” oscar wilde"woman is: / bigger than love / bigger than god / scarier" caitlyn siehl
RELIGIOUS IMAGERY: at first, kevin believes jacob to be a man of god, pure, and believes himself to be the snake who will then offer jacob a taste of the forbidden fruit. upon being left, kevin realizes jacob was the snake all along, who lured him into this trap called temptation, which is why jacob calls him "his Eve".

lighting up another man's cigarette was used as a gay code in the 1920s [reference], which is why i picked this decade over the 1890s, when wilde and douglas's love affair actually takes placethe story has an ending that didn't make it to the 1k word limit — they catch each other's eye from across the room once again in another party, but this time around jacob is showing off his new boy (younghoon) to their peers [visual reference]it's only after he discovers jacob left him for someone else that kevin writes 'the picture of dorian gray'. the surname gray originates from the smoke of jacob's cigarettes, which is why smoking is such a big part of the imagery for this fic